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Erecting Christmas Tree at War Memorial Auditorium - Year Unknown

Erecting Christmas Tree at War Memorial Auditorium - Year Unknown

For over 75 years, Queen’s Tree Surgery has been proud to serve the greater Nashville community. Over that period of time, the company has seen several changes in the tree care industry and has adapted to every change in order to meet the new standards of the industry.

Started in 1942 by Wayne Queen, Queen’s Tree was a premier tree company for years, performing services ranging from residential pruning and removals, to Metro brush pickup, and even mowing of Metro properties.  The company operated in this capacity for decades and served a vital role to both Metro Nashville and Nashville residents.

Eddy Queen took over the company upon Wayne’s death in 1978.  At just 22 years old, Eddy reluctantly dropped out of college in his final year working towards an Arboriculture Degree so that he could manage the family business.  Several decades later, Queen’s Tree was still thriving as one of the main tree care companies in Nashville with Eddy at the helm.  Eddy noticed that the work that sustained Queen’s Tree was drying up.  Residential customers were not performing routine tree maintenance as they once were, and although Queen’s Tree still collected brush for the city of Nashville, there was a growing trend for cities to move to “self-perform” the work with Knuckle Boom trucks.  In 1998, Eddy purchased Queen’s Tree’s first horizontal grinder with the idea to move into commercial land clearing.  Around 2003, Eddy’s intuition was proved correct when Metro Nashville switched to self-performing the brush pickup in Nashville.  About this time, land clearing work had picked up to the point where Eddy decided to no longer perform residential work to any new customers.  There are still existing residential customers of Queen’s Tree today, 15 years after stopping residential work, which is a testament to the quality of the work Queen’s Tree performs.

Today at 64 years old, Eddy is still very much a part of the company working on site, or bidding jobs, or even fixing equipment.  All three of his sons, Josh, Daniel, and Nathan have joined the business and perform the bulk of the day to day work of the company.  Currently Queen’s Tree performs a variety of land clearing work and has a vast array of equipment which allows for a tailored method of clearing.

Give us a call today for all of your clearing needs; whether you need an acre cleared, a fence row cleaned out, a R.O.W. cut or cleaned, or you’re a developer needing 100+ acres clear cut, we can handle it all.


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